"Dangerous Ground" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Dangerous Ground"

He fell out of the ocean, a sailor sighting land.
Smiles and sun-tan lotion we laid him on the sand.
He breathed a sigh or two and smiled
To see what he had come into, run into.

We asked him what his name was, he called himself a fool
He said 'I'm the hrst of many and you're the last of few'.
He stared into the sea and showed us
Where horizons disappear, the ships appeared.

He fell on dangerous ground and woke up in paradise.
We took to the hills, afraid of his deep, blue eyes.
This man on dangerous ground, shaking the devil loose.
Falling down on his knees, shaking his fist at the moon.

He built himself a kingdom, we laughed and clapped our hands
He bought us with his magic, this unfamiliar man.
Silver birds have filled the sky
It seems the grass is greener on the other side.
Now there's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.