"Dinner At The Ritz" lyrics - CITY BOY

"Dinner At The Ritz"

Do you think that we could risk an evening at the Ritz!
Another shabby hotel room would really blitz my ego.
Why must we meet like this! Sharing illicit kisses
You turn a blind eye to the fact that your leaving my heart in pieces.

I know a little cafe noir where we can sit and count the stars
We can stay till the early hours, supposing of course they allow us
And when they play "As Time Goes By" memories seem to hide here
And while the world is deep in slumber we'll dance the the eternal rumba.

Won't you come away with me
Leave it all behind
There's a happy ending somewhere
Between the lines...

What more can you ask of me, yet another Penthouse suite!
Going through my dimes and quarters, slipping away like water.
So through her expensive tastes your pockets have gone to waste
And I can tell by the way you lie there you're only a paper tiger.

No more early mornings as I gaze in Your eyes
No more hidden kisses and sleepy lullabies...

I'm constantly aware of the things we can never share
At the stork club some chic little pub that I could never afford...
But I wish that I could bare your ultra feminine flair
For your accent on current events over dinner drives me spare...

Dinner at the Ritz, I'd be pleased to make an appointment
I'll be at your door an hour before we arranged