"Point Of No Return" lyrics - CLAWFINGER

"Point Of No Return"

I've got my back against the wall, my face against your fist
My brain confronts my feelings as my stomache starts to twist
Adrenaline is pumping and my head is one big mess
As I try to come to terms with my own anger and distress
That's when the first blow hits me and my head goes flying back
It bangs against the concrete and I hear when my bones crack
I raise my hands to gaurd my face cos' I'm too scared to run
I try to scream out in despair and that's when next blow comes

The second time you hit me, the pain just disappears
And all I feel is my frustration as my motivation clears
There's no way I'm gonna let you bring me down without a fight
And so I raise my arms up and I clench my fingers tight
The first time that I hit you your eyes look so suprised
You didn't think I had it in me, you just stand there paralyzed
I'm not gonna be your victim and it's time for you to learn
And so I turn my feelings off and then I'm at the point of no return

I know that there's no turning back from here
There aren't any bridges left to burn
So instead I do the opposite of everything I've ever learned
I'm at the point of no return

The second time I hit you, I know your going down
I can see your body shaking as you fall towards the ground
You try to keep your balance and you try to stand up straight
But when the blood runs down your face you know that it's too late
You know I'm gonna hit you with one third and final blow
And I don't even fucking care if I can sink this low
Cos' there isn't any logic when the anger starts to burn
And with your back against the wall
You stand there at the point of no return