"Stars & Stripes" lyrics - CLAWFINGER

"Stars & Stripes"

The power to possess your entire generation I just can't understand
You use your flag to symbolize the power of the nation and rule all across the land
The stars and the stripes of the passive population, nobody says a word
The U.S of A united states of frustration nobody ever gets heard
Manipulate the masses with your oral masturbation and your bullshit lullabies
Feed them crap and set the trap on every T.V. station with your god damn lies
Keep them low on what you know and low on education so they just won't understand
And take away what might be left of there imagination and feed them from your hand

Tell me what is black and what is white
Cause' god knows what is wrong and what is right
Show me all your power and your might
Help Me!

Fourth of July you say you need a celebration I can't understand what for
To celebrate 200 hundred years of mind manipulation well thank you Tipper Gore
Encourage all the people in your racial separation well what about equality?
Feed them all with sex and drugs and worthless information is that how you want it to be?


Take away all common sense and all communication just to benefit your way
Then take away and make them a pay a move of desperation and hope they will obey
You can't understand why you're misunderstood you believe what you're doing is good
You laugh in the face of the poor and the weak and take away there freedom to speak
You build up a wall with your false perfection just to protect yourself
But you can't understand that you're the disease and you're killing everybody else
And you won't understand until life does cease to excist on our planet earth
So you play with your kids and you pay for your sins and then you pray in the church