"Conduit" lyrics - CONVERGE

(Jacob Bannon)

There was nothing that I ever wanted more,
Than for you to hold this deep within your heart,
To lay beside me as my halo burns deep to cinder,
And to wake me from my tired life.

To give this ghost a home again,
When you fall short and I fall short,
This is where I pretend I'm as tall as the sky,
Now there is no comfort in your apology,
And no comfort in this shame.

This is where I can duck for cover from the overwhelming,
The forever overhead,
For the heart of old time's sake,
I'll stay warm with this numb from the neck up,
She married me with a sympathy kiss,
She married me in a heart shaped tomb.

These days daydreams don't burn as bright as they use to,
You broken promises boil over,
Every syllable my swinging hammer,
And every hesitation is loss to them.

In the name of those lost to you,
For them this time it is war,
For me it's easier to just walk away.