"A Bad Seed My Daddy Sowed" lyrics - CONWAY TWITTY

"A Bad Seed My Daddy Sowed"
(Peggy Forman)

I was found in Wilson County
Just a mile outside of town
On the doorsteps of two people
Who brought me up to where I am.

I was born to be a loser
And my name nobody knows
And as far as they concern
I'm just a bad seed daddy sowed.

They brough me up to the age of ten
Before they let me know
And since that day it seemed that life
Lost it's magic glow.

But they raised me right
And every night in prayer we bowed our heads
And they asked the Lord to light my path
And guide each step I made.

But the path you're walking on
Becomes a mighty rocky road
When you know that all you'll ever be
Is a bad seed daddy sowed.

At thirty one my heart was won
By a girl half my age
And with love so strong I could see no wrong
In decision that I made.

And you know I learned that there was truth
In all I always been told
Because you can't judge a book by its cover
And everything that's shinin' sure isn't gold.

Yes, I guess I'm guilty of dreaming an impossible dream
Because the way the things turned out
Sure isn't the way things seemed
And so tonight I'm leavin' behind
The only thing I ever had to call my own.

And I know as long as you live
You'll always be a reminder of all my wrongs
Could I hope that he'll forgive me
When he's old enough to know
That just like me he'll always be
The bad seed his daddy sowed...