"Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer" lyrics - CORB LUND

"Hair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer"

Full growed porcupine dead on the road
It'll take a big ox, son, to carry that load
I got checked out by a blonde, young heifer
She says she might wanna but I ain't gonna let 'er

Hair in my eyes like a highland steer
Spring in my step like a white tailed deer
Hitch in my hip like an old sheep dog
Puff up my chest like a big bull frog

Socks on my feet like a true paint hoss
Belt round my belly like a galloway cross
Built a barn outta straw for to not pay rent
The thing blew over like a cheap green tent


Smoke in the barbed wire, posts on fire
Anybody seen my lucky fencing pliers?
They didn't cost nothin' cuz they come with the truck
And old uncle hugh's still bringin' me luck