"Charlie" lyrics - CROSBY & NASH

(David Crosby and Dean Parks)

[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar)]

Charlie was a message from a higher place
Waiting for delivery could see it in his face
Charlie was a cloud layer held a mountain in his hands
Flew like a raindrop didn't like to land

Charlie didn't like crowds all up in his face
He was a long distance runner in the human race

Charlie was a vision stick to your mind
Like a big wet kiss on the face of time
Charlie had a dog friend best old friend he had
Didn't understand good, didn't know about bad

Good is a concept like a loaf of bread
Feed the living say grace for the dead

Charlie was eating food for thought
It was the best damn meal that he ever got

Feeling ethereal
He floated away
He did not worry
He did it twice a day

Charlie was a message