"Heartland" lyrics - CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG


People come and go
Living other lives
Running everywhere at such a speed
Never taking time
To open up their eyes
Never knowing where life leads

In the heartland people everywhere
Try to share their hopes and dreams
In the heartland on any given day
You can find your way back home

Take another breath
And take another chance
Take another look at who you are
And get ready for your live
'Cos it's such a crazy dance
So open up and you'll go far

We've been running so far away
From where our lives belong
Will we ever get back to the rhythm of the heartbeat
Do you ever feel sad
For those whose hearts have turned to stone
You are not alone

It's time to take it slow
Time to take a rest
Time to leave the fast lane far behind
Live is hard enough, I know
But you can only do your best
To get it in your heart and minds