"Now You're Gone" lyrics - CURTIS MAYFIELD

"Now You're Gone"
(Curtis Mayfield / Joseph Scott)

Now you're gone Now you're gone You hurt me bad I'm all too sad I didn't know I love you so Now you're gone Now you're gone.
Now you're gone You had a plan Another man Went off to hide I could have died (Now you're gone) Now you're gone (Now you're gone) Now you're gone.
(Let's go to the bridge right here)
What should I do My world is blue It isn't true My life is through Now you're gone Now you gone.
I want you back How do I act How do I make contact How do I get respect.
Now you gone.
And I never loved nobody That's been mean to me I got a heart full of stone And I hate the misery.
And then you And then you And then you And then you came along You spoiled me with [?] And now you gone And now you, you gone.