"Oh So Beautiful" lyrics - CURTIS MAYFIELD

"Oh So Beautiful"
(Eric Hicks / Curtis Mayfield / Narada Michael Walden)

It is glorious.

This is Curtis.
Never forget the life we live is oh so beautiful
And I just want to tell you
I am inspired to live my life
You trust in me I trust in you
We try to do whats right
Long as we can grow
It doesn't matter where you go
There always be, you see some sacrifice.

I'm keeping - so right
Sometimes I got to struggle day and night
But I must do what I do 'cause life is truely really good
Now it's time to get the money and watch my people grow
And now I gots to go to another level.

I made my moves and paid my dues
It's on again (it's on again)

This life we live (life we live)
Is oh so beautiful (Is oh so beautiful)
Oh so beautiful(Oh so beautiful)
Life is beautiful
This love we give(The love we give)
Is oh so beautiful (Oh so beautiful)
Oh so beautiful(beautiful)

To see the sun do shine
You got to come out sometimes
It's not for us to know or wonder why
Reaching out in harmony
Praying for longevity
Just trying to find some meaning of my life