"Over And Above" lyrics - CURVED AIR

"Over And Above"

One fine night I left my soul to journey on the wind
Far beyond the stars I watched to see where it would go
In the twilight realms of space
Spirits known but with no face
Eyes to see, no hands to place around the ether
Try and grasp the meaning, why and wherefore of this world

Rested for a while to see which way the wind would blow
Found ourselves, my soul and I, upon an unknown moon
Barren rocks and ashes strewn like the ashes of the mind
Soaring off once more to see if we could find there
Looking for a somewhere, something that would bring us peace

Watch the dawn of a distant sun, tells us now that our night has gone
Senses numbed by the blinding light, countless stars vanish into night
Far away on a distant star, midnight chimes to sleeping world
Far away on a distant star, life begins in a thousand years