"Situations" lyrics - CURVED AIR


Though I am no longer alone,
Everybody seems to take my mind away.
I love you but it isn't as I planned,
I promise you I've done the best I can.
Haven't touched any other man,
Situations seem to have been kind to you.
I've wished to be beside somebody else,
But actions are the proof of love, not thoughts.

See what a fool I've been,
I haven't lived my dream.

Seems that it will be a long time,
'Fore my mind will take in the reality.
That life is not as simple as it seems,
And night's the only place to keep a dream.

Soft green sun color still,
Warm breeze, high-floating birds,
Every year has brought more fear.

Younger days seem to be easy,
Full of fun and things to keep my mind awake.
But now I have to think for someone else,
Cannot even think straight for myself.