"Two-Three-Two" lyrics - CURVED AIR


Judy forget it, I ain't never coming back,
And Suzy you know it's been too long.
And you know sweet Claira I could never put it fairer
Than to say today my love and I were one.

Anita you'll understand me when I tell you what I am,
And maybe the world will understand.
'Cos today my lover said the seed had started growing
Yes the one I started rolling from within.

But today we made a decision
We've got to say to Nature, "No, no, no
We can't handle the gift you offer
'Cos your world has changed."
Yes it has!

The telephone brings the news so easy from afar.
If only progress could do more.
But it only brings a reason to destroy the proper season
For a chapter in our lives to take it's shape