"Gypsy (Black-N-Blue Valentine)" lyrics - DANGEROUS TOYS

"Gypsy (Black-N-Blue Valentine)"

She's a dancer, a hot night heaven romancer
Her piece of mind is wearin' thin
She can't stand the shape she's in
Time killer a fool for your money fulfiller
Your sugar daddy left ya
The creation of your own desperation
Sure can kill ya

Don't dance your life away
Tell me how you feel
Think you need a holiday
Stop spinning your wheels
Bang, bang, bangin'
Your head against the wall
Need another hand-out
Headed for a fall

Gypsy black-n-blue valentine
Had enough of bang time
Caught you hangin' 'round
Wasted from the hips down
Gypsy black-n-blue valentine
Runnin' out of hang time
In the lost-n-found
Wasted from the hips down, Gypsy

She's grindin', but all of time never mindin'
She'll look you in the face with a smile
Eyes starin' blank all the while
Tongue twister, a bad mean midnight sister
Livin' on half time
Honey can't you see
End of the line is comin'

Bag full of money
And there goes your innocence
Lipstick smile is
All for your defense
Push, push, pushin'
Your luck against the wall
Pack your bags baby
Get away from it all

Hey you
What the hell is your story
Stop makin' yourself go down in flames
Seems all you do is worry
Stop the shame game baby
Man is to blame