"Screamin' For More" lyrics - DANGEROUS TOYS

"Screamin' For More"

Like a high flyer, I am reachin' for the stars
Stumble over clouds in the way, I've never tried so hard
With a voice inside my head askin' are you the one
Does an angel fly for answers, can the eagle just fly for fun

Can't you tell me what you're thinkin', can't you see me
Comin' back for more
If you want me, come and get me
Can't you hear me screamin' for more

A million dollars, a house on the hill
A girl that looks like you
Just ain't enough to prey for as I look into this empty room
Seems all I have to do is wrap my wings around the sun
I'll keep on screaming your name, until you call I dream you're the one

I've had to ask myself, plenty of times
Do I really want to see this tru
But the look on your face before you turned away from me
Told me it had to be true