"Ways And Means" lyrics - DAVE COUSINS

"Ways And Means"

I'm as the world forever spinning
Rekindled by the early rising sun
I'm as the road that's ever winding
A never ending journey just begun.

And the wheel turns in my heart and in my soul
The fire burns ever in my head
While others come with lanterns
That will last throughout the night
To follow in the ways where we have led.

She's as the river ever flowing
As constant as the Greenwich clock at noon
She's as the sea that's ever rolling
A high spring tide that rises with the moon.

And today is much the same
As any other day has been
And I think about tomorrow
And while there's not much that I need
To take me further on
There are still things that I borrow.

They are as the wheel forever turning
The heart that gives an athlete strength to win
They are as the fire that's ever burning
The flame that lights the lamp of life within.