"Pool Shark" lyrics - DAVE DUDLEY

"Pool Shark"

He said pardon me for bein' so bold but you got a cigarette that's already rolled
I gave him one he lit it in his own good time
The smoke in that poolroom hung like a fog
When he talked it sounded like a growling dog
He said would you care for a dollar on the five or nine
Now this man was ugly and his eyes were mean
His clothes were dirty but his hands were clean
He held that stick like a mother holds the hand of the child
Well I've been known to hustle a few when the waitress said was he playing you
And I said yeah bring me brandy water by
Little Red Parker was way in the back taking quarters and hadling racks
And I told him Red come up here glue 'em up tight
That brandy had me feeling warm I tipped that waitress and I checked her form
And I said honey you like a winner and she just smiled
I played like a man with a broken wrist I won two and he won six
And I had him set up so I said let's play for five
But this time the crowd had gathered round to see this fish and just watch him drown
I told that waitress more brandy water by
Then he went out and got a custom cue he said it's no offence to you
But I don't play off the wall with nobody but friends
He had a gold initials in a leather grip pearly and silver inlaid tip
He smiled at me and he said hell-a-way we play for ten
Well I never seen a man that walk who made those balls and table talk
They're speaking English he sure didn't need my help
He broke the ball and kept that string for a hundred and eighty seven bucks and a ring
Till I gave up and said friend you're gonna have to play by yourself
Well he racked it up and walked outside and I strolled out just to watch him ride
And there was a blonde in their Caddy built like the rest of that car
The boys in the poolroom they had 'em a laugh and I hung it up and just let it pass
And had nothin' but my elbows to put on the bar
And the waitress smiled said water by I took the chairity and thanked her polite
And sittin' there sippin' and suddenly I had me a thought
Unlucky gambler and lucky in love guess you know what I was thinking of
When I said waitress honey what time do you get off