"That's Freedom" lyrics - DAVE MASON

"That's Freedom"

I wanna see the world, sail across the sea,
Put my feet in the sand, I wanna be free.
Feel the wind in my face,
I wanna take a break from the human race,
In this land, land of the free,
What happened to accountability.
Something for nothing, a free ride,
You keep talking but the well's run dry.

That's freedom.
We're all concerned about mother earth,
Can we make it better, do we make it worse?
Doesn't matter what we believe,
She'll shake us all off like a bad case of fleas.

Everybody's dancing to the promise of change
A brand new world where we're all the same.
God help us if this ever comes to pass,
May as well bend over baby, kiss your ass.


I've got a ticket to ride, but it's only one way,
A paper back writer from yesterday.
Keeping it real Mr. Fantasy,
Mr. Bojangles won't you dance for me.

What will we mean, what will we say,
When you add it all up at the end of the day
Living in love, or living in sin,
Someone's gotta lose, and someone's gotta win.