"Princess" lyrics - DAVID BYRNE


I saw a princess, she's riding the IRT
She raised her eyes and I thought that she looked at me
In a disco I thought that I'd seen her before
She got married, and now she don't dance no more

She knew the doorman at every club in town
She'd go out dancing and stay out 'til early dawn
When they'd start throwing down, she would clear the floor
She got married and now she don't dance no more

The lights go out, the train is dark
Nobody moves, nobody talks...

She keeps her body well-hidden beneath her clothes
Where will we go when the club's all closed?
In comes a business man, and he pretends not to see
That there's a princess, and she's riding the IRT
In comes a homeless man, she gives some money to him
Now she gets off, must be the end of the line

Ooooooh-ho-ho, she's looking back at me
Ooooooh-ho-ho, I thought she didn't see
Ooooooh-ho-ho, we used to walk that walk
Ooooooh-ho-ho, we used to talk that talk