"Stop" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL


Stop! drifting fool
The truth I must bestow in you
Many times I've seen
Men as you then I smashed their dreams
Reason of no cause
Besides I myself set the laws
You won't be set free
From internal fears implanted by me

Feeding off his hand
As if he was your master
Serving his demand
I want to talk about it

I'll guide you only right
Yes my child to the light
Many seem to fear
What if their peers happen to hear
That he believes in the truth
Oh what a shame to rebellious youth
Take it from me
The cowards are those who cease to see

I can't tell you what to do
I can't tell you what to say
Only can advise you
Help you along the way
Smash the mental wall
That was forged in your brain
Tune into reality
And break free from the pain
Giving all possessions to just a name
Tune into reality a mortal human reigns