"Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust" lyrics - DEATH ANGEL

"Territorial Instinct / Bloodlust"

Attack! Going in for the kill. Take none alive
Eradicate the weak. The strong survive
From out of the darkness comes the light

Through hollow eyes the truth is seen
Smash down the walls that stand between
The poison apple and the bite

They will do all that they must
To satisfy their bloodlust

Strike! Either kill or be killed
Torn piece by piece

No one can tame. The nature of the beast
Vicious territorial instinct fight

Premeditated murder scene
Savior never comes it's a faded dream
Teeth sink in deep upon first bite

Their greed is so disgusting
Supremacy is rusting

Pathetic lies beyond the obscene
Filthy wounds seldom licked clean

The bloody wounds not clotting
The carcass slowly rotting