"In Torment In Hell" lyrics - DEICIDE

"In Torment In Hell"

[A 1993 interview between Glen Benton and Bob Larson]
"Jesus Christ has gone to prepare up a place for me."
"And where he is, I'm going to be there someday."
No more tears, no more death, no more dying, no more pain."
"Where are you going to be?

Liar of a priest, What could you want from thee, is it so
Hard to see, I will not believe, the truth it sours, inside
You hide your head, the contradiction, I curse your life with dread,
You're dead to me, your light is greed, leave me alone, to
The unknown, I have to leave, the best to be, beyond his
Gates, without his grace.


In torment in hell, uncontrolled and casting spells,
Plotting death and suffering, binding souls with misery,
Burning Christians begging pleas, satisfy my need to
Bleed, trample on the lambs of god, bow before thy lord Satan,
Stay away from god; find out that you are, human deity,
Born to be deceived, You worship cowards, a cross for
Which he bled, no more empowered, the light of god is dead,
I fell from god, his word begot,
Unearn his faith, the lord replaced, Heaven is hell,
Flesh is the cell, the earth I take, return to hate