"Severed Ties" lyrics - DEICIDE

"Severed Ties"

Bending god tradition
Undermining the lord,
Deadly inhibition in
The mindset of war,
Severed down the middle
Of the ties of the blessed,
Vindicated verdict
Override the abject,
Spelling out destruction
With the truth as my sword,
Fighting to the finish
As I told you before,
Signs of the reverence
Has failed to be seen,
Gone your disgrace
And the lies you perceive,
Forged are your promises
That can not be kept,
Far from the likes of you
No longer in death,
Suffer in your heart
For what you've done to your kind,
Innocence destroyed.
Walking down the isle
Into what you detest,

Come away with nothing
But a knife in your chest.
Taken and forsaken
From the one you gave life,
In retaliation and
Confined to your spite.
On the side of Satan
In his world I exist,
In control of everything
That I have possessed,
Standing undefeated
When the end has been known,
Severed from the thought
Of everything you've been shown.
Beckon for forgiveness
For the kines you have crossed,

Stripped of all ambition
From incredible loss,
Severance of the ties that
Bind compel you to death,
Torn into shreds,

Leaving from the day be gone
And promise us not,
Severed ties unbind the hell
And pain that you cause,
Cast to the winds of doom
Indelible scream,
Torrid indiscretion
And promiscuous fiend,
Solitude foresee the light
A crown on your head,
Waste into nothing
Separated in dread,
Call out to god in mercy
Empty the plea,
Damned to the crucifix
Revolve in defeat,
Envy in decision
Will be rendered by law,
On the side of you
A devastation befall,
Battle lines are drawn
Upon my blood I defend,
Fight to the end