"On Susan's Floor" lyrics - DICKEY LEE

"On Susan's Floor"

Didn't feel so cold and tired stretched out before the fire
Rolling smokes and drinking up her wine
And I remember candle light and singin' till we couldn't sing no more
Then falling warm asleep on Susan's floor
Now that my song is sweeter Lord I'd like to greet her
And thank her for the flavors that she gave
A stranger I came my head bowed in the rain to her door
I sat and sang my songs on Susan's floor
In the morning I'd go on buying kingdoms with my songs
Knowing I'd be back in just a while healing in the sunshine of her smile
Well lots of times and songs have passed I catch myself just looking back
Reliving all the wonder of those nights
That's where I'd be today if I had only stay one night more
And sang another song on Susan's floor
Like crippled ships that made it through storm and finally reached a quiet shore
The homeless found a home on Susan's floor hmm hmm