"Weekends" lyrics - DICKEY LEE

(Dickey Lee / Allen Reynolds)

Lights from the bedroom made halos of hair around her head
And later in silence she lay soft as silk on my bed
She whispered I love you then I placed a kiss on her cheek
And in moments her eyelashes covered her dark eyes in sleep
I lay there in silence as she lived in dreams of her own
Loving her so much the tears down my face warmly flowed
Her soft hair kissed my pillow and curled gold and brown on her cheek
My mind took a picture for a memory that I'd always keep
Saturday morning we laughed and we walked in the park
Having such good times that we lost today to the dark

Sunday came running her mother came promptly at three
Taking my daughter my pride and joy away from me
The week days are so lonely but on Fridays Lord my life begins
'Cause I can't have her only on the weekends
Saturday morning we laughed...
Saturday morning we laughed...