"You Make It Look So Easy" lyrics - DICKEY LEE

"You Make It Look So Easy"
(Bob McDill / Don Williams)

Old friends say that they seen you around they say that you're wearing a veil
You're out and around with the new friends you've found
If you're lonesome and no one could tell
You can stop to tell me that you're doing fine I smile but I'd rather not know
It hurts me to know how you're spendin' your time if you miss me it sure doesn't show
You make it look so easy Lord but no time it looks like you're free
You make it look so easy but it ain't been that easy for me


I suppose you've become quite a girl about town you're welcome wherever you go
And you seem so at home in the new world you've found but to me I just can't let go
You make it look so easy...