"Yours For Life" lyrics - DICKEY LEE

"Yours For Life"

In this day and age world changes half and twice as fast
Sometimes I get wondering if anything will last
People changing partners like they change the clothes they wear
Maybe I'l old fashioned but darling I still care
And I'm yours for life come and be my lifetime
Came and take the love I have for only one
Yes I'm yours for life come and share my lifetime
Share the world until our day is done

First time that I saw your face I loved you where you stood
In your eyes the kindlyness told me you were good
Then I felt the feeling that I never felt before
Darling if I try and try I could not love you more
And I'm yours for life...

Sometimes I pray that you will always be the way you always are part of me
'Cause if I lost you in the winds of change then I would cease to be
And I'm yours for life...