"Foreshadowing Furnace" lyrics - DIMMU BORGIR

"Foreshadowing Furnace"
(Erkekjetter Silenoz)

Sparks fly and fire licks my wings
Tied to this wood, I was born for burning
I rebelled against the flock
Declined to submit to slavery
As a token from my legions of the chosen few
I reveal the secrets to the world's most famous forgery

As flames devour my skin
Flesh melting, peeling off
My days as an earthbound entity
Are outnumbered and have come to an end

I will never be laid to rest
But be free from oppression

Those of my kin, the black flame
Those of my sin, hail my name
Those of us that have been given eyes to see
Will never be laid to rest but be free from oppression

In this hour I finally separate
Carnal knowledge from divine will
In this hour I finally separate
Myself from your tyranny

Still our enemies will keep hiding
In the shadows with betrayal against reason

But with my reprisal I shall endure
And uncover the magnitude of this treason

I will arise from perdition
And let my presence be known
I will author a new era
And have my beast shown
My stigma is of damnation
I am from beyond your god