"The Demiurge Molecule" lyrics - DIMMU BORGIR

"The Demiurge Molecule"
(Galder / Shagrath / Silenoz)

Synthetic residue touched upon
Scars and wounds frown upon
While other wounds are closing
Stars and losers reassemble
Within thy own abyss

Sought through internal pyre and wind
Not ready to remember where to begin
For another day is yet to come
Before the night takes us home

What will remain
What will leave trace
While travelling through
Time and space

Arcane perfection
Arcane illumination

Arcane perfection
Sweeps away darkness of the old ways
Arcane illumination
Welcomes the birth of another

Haunting visions dawn upon me
While time is standing still
Lost far beyond the imaginary
Out of reach for the soul