"Stumbling Blues" lyrics - DION

"Stumbling Blues"
feat. Jerry Vivino & Jimmy Vivino

I've been thinking about you
Baby, you've been on my mind
Things are always changing
Always rearranging

Look at me girl, I'm going round and round again
I'm fallin' hard for you girl
I'm tripping down my front porch stairs
I swear I ain't been drinking

Can't stop thinking
'Bout you baby, I'm about to fall again
Where did I put my keys down
I can't seem to find my car

There's no way of knowing
Where it's all been going
Since I met you, I don't even know my name

I can't stop dreaming 'bout you
I can't see past those big green eyes
I just ran two red lights
I'm watching flashing headlights

In my mirror
Nothing could be clearer than you now baby
Can't stop wondering 'bout you
Can't stop wondering 'bout you

I'm getting so impatient
For an invitation
Just to love you, love you all my life
Wow now just to love you, baby, all, all my life