"Unloved, Unwanted Me" lyrics - DION

"Unloved, Unwanted Me"

There's never been a guy
In the said shape I'm in
I try and try sometimes
But just never win

I'm not the happy guy I pretend to be
I'm just unloved, unwanted me

See, let me tell you about it now
I clown around but way deep down I'm torn apart
I swear my heart was made to hide a broken heart
I wish I was the guy I that I pretended to be

And not unloved unwanted me
Tell you all about it now, step on it
Never felt so let down as I do tonight
I got no one to love me, hug me, hold me tight

I'm not the happy guy that I pretend to be
I'm just unloved unwanted me

Now looks like the end
My good friend
Play it again