"Before You" lyrics - DISCIPLE

"Before You"

I've heard of Your great fame
And Your glory oh God (Isaiah 66:19)
How You stretched out Your hand to make
The waters and the skies (Psalms 95:5; 136:6)
With one Word You spoke out
And Your voice created light (Genesis 1:3)
And from dust You made man
And gave Him the breath of life (Genesis 2:7)

There is none to compare
To your great love oh God (Isaiah 40:18)
You alone are worthy of every breath
I've got (Psalms 18:3; Revelation 4:11)

So God I come before You
To worship and adore You (Psalm 95:6)
I pray You send Your power
Holy Spirit fall upon me (Acts 1:8)

The whole earth and the heavens
Sing of Your glory (Psalms 148:4; 150:6)
And the angels all around You are
Crying out holy (Revelation 4:8)
What an awesome God that You are
That You even thought of me (Psalm 8:4)
For you know me (Psalm 139:23)
And you love me (1 John 4:10)
And You gave me everything (Luke 15:31; John 3:16)