"Kamikaze" lyrics - DISCIPLE

(Josiah Prince / Trent Reiff / Andrew Stanton / Andrew Welch / Kevin Young)

I'm sick of standing here watching your world fall apart
You've got a face I don't recognize anymore
All my words just bouncing off the wall of your heart
You're not the only one you're gonna hurt
Can't you see you're taking me down with you

You're going down like a kamikaze aeroplane
Ain't going out till you blow somebody else away
You are the sound they hear before it goes to flames
You are the sound of the kamikaze airplane

If I just lie here paralyzed without a word
Would you be able to call me a friend anymore
I'm not standing in your way but I won't go along
So the choice is only yours to make
'Cause I won't let you take me down with you