"The Ballad Of St. Augustine" lyrics - DISCIPLE

"The Ballad Of St. Augustine"
(Israel Beachy / Micah Sannan / Andrew Welch / Kevin Young)

The air is leaving here
It's getting hard to breathe, I'm choking
The fracture was innocent
A miniature compromise that exploded
Inside my atmosphere
And now the paradigm is shifting
A good man was living here
Virtuous evidence has all but disappeared

[Chorus 1:]
Right was wrong when wrong went right
I'm fading
Black has turned to grey inside
And I know that I need saving, can You save me?
Take me away to where You are
'Cause I won't leave without it

Involuntary fast
The bread that never lasts, I'm starving
Sanity shackled here
The key is in my hand, but I'm frozen
Revelation sings
Justice delivery is blinding
My death is imminent
I'd rather die with You than utterly alone

[Chorus 2:]
Welcome back my innocence
How I have so longed to see your face again
Overwhelmed I say goodbye
As the pages turn I say goodbye
Passing by the end of my life

Pages turn, memories burning away
Ashes celebrate
You're washing me, consuming me
As I'm falling on Your sword
You're washing me, branding me with grace
Innocence reborn

[Chorus 2]

Overwhelmed I say goodbye
As the pages turn I say goodbye