"Mammie" lyrics - DOLLY PARTON


Mammie delivered me into this world
Mammie watched my mama die at my birth
And Mammie she loved me she took me to raise
Mammie was all I had on this earth

Let's get in the firewood, I'd hear Mammie say
Let's go to the spring before it gets dark
And you do up the dishes while the water's still hot
And don't throw that dishwater out in the yard

Oh Mammie taught me how to sing a song
She taught me to play her old guitar
And at night before bedtime we'd sing for hours
As the teakettle whistled along on the fire

And at night as I laid alone in my bed
I'd hear Mammie praying and each night she said
Oh dear God help me raise her to know right from wrong
And I pray she'll do right even after I'm gone.

I'd wait until Mammie had fallen asleep
Then out of my window I'd quietly sneak
And I'd wait by the mill pond according to plans
And there in the darkness I'd meet a man

Oh it's not that I wanted to bring Mammie shame
I just couldn't control wild blood in my veins
They tell me my mama could not name my dad
So I guess it was natural for me to be bad

One night I awoke at the sound of my name
Come quickly, I heard Mammie cry
She said you be good and I told her I would and
That night I watched as my Mammie died

All I have now are the memories of Mammie
And the goodness that loving her brought me
Although she is gone in my heart she lives on
And I know how much good she taught me.

Ah Mammie, I'm being good Mammie...