"He's An On Time God" lyrics - DOTTIE PEOPLES

"He's An On Time God"

[Lead:] He's an on time God, Yes he is Oh...
[Choir:] On time God... Yes he is
[Lead:] Job said
[Choir:] He may not come when you want him
[Lead:] But He'll
[Choir:] Be there right on time
[Lead:] I'll tell ya he's an
[Choir:] On time God, yes he is

[Lead:] You can ask the children of Israel, trapped at the red sea, by that mean old Pharoah, and his army. They had water all around them, and Pharoah on their track. From out of nowhere, God stepped in and cut a highway, just like that, now let me tell you he's an...


[Lead:] You can ask the five thousand, hungry souls he fed, on the banks of the river, with two fish and five loaves of bread, what a miracle, he performed for the multitude, Oh what he did, way back then he'll do today for me and you.


[Lead:] He's on time
[Choir:] On Time