"Hit Or Miss" lyrics - DOWN BY LAW

"Hit Or Miss"
(Dave Smalley)

So you want to become a hero
Stop the world - become a hero
We just can't find one anywhere
Can't find one anywhere
So you're thinking you're a victim
Stop the world 'cause you're a victim
Well, you can find one anywhere
You can find one everywhere
Life's just a hit or miss
All the time, just a hit or miss
Sometimes you take a swing and miss
A swing and a miss
Well sometimes, we take a swing and hit!
Now you're thinking about the future
Try to picture some kind of future
You just can't see one anywhere - can't see it anywhere
Well we need to find us a hero
Can you tell me where are the heroes
Who can clean up everywhere
Hey g.i. joe, where are you now?
And if I could count the times
That I looked up to the sky
And asked someone to save me...