DWIGHT YOAKAM lyrics - Watch Out

"Watch Out"

Watch how she tore me all apart
Watch how she ripped up my heart
Watch how she cut that thing clean through
Watch out she'll do the same to you

Watch how she wrecked love's hope filled train
Watch how she revelled in my shame
Watch how she learned me who was boss
Watch out or that's what you'll get taught

Well, it was gone before it ever went away
Got up and left before it even really tried to stay
Any doubt that hung around
Sure ain't here now
No, she's the best dirty trick
Love's ever played

Watch how she tossed my affections 'round
Watch how she drug 'em across the ground
Watch how she claimed they're hers to use
Watch out or she'll drag yours for you

Watch out I never felt such pain
Watch out I've never been the same
Watch out she don't need no excuse
Watch out she'll do the same to you