"That's A Lie" lyrics - EDDY ARNOLD

"That's A Lie"
(Scott Turner / Charlie Williams)

Well, I said if you're happy that I'm glad
At times for all the fun that we've had
I said if it's over I hope that you walk through fields of clover
If that's a lie I hope you're sad.

Well, I said I wish all the best to you
And good luck to your someone new
I said if it's true love then go ahead and take all my best with you love
But if that's a lie I hope you're blue.

If I'm not carefull you'll catch me in a lie
And all I have to do is look at you
And you'll see a grown man cry
I said I would never let you know
How much it hurts to let you go.

I said I won't miss you
And I'll forget how it was to kiss you
But that's a lie look at me cry
But that's a lie I need you so...