"Town And Country" lyrics - EDDY ARNOLD

"Town And Country"

She was thin, very young but still a woman
And she loved me
I was thin, she used to call me skinny
Just to bug me

She was sweet and, oh, so innocent
And had grown up in a little country town
And since, I was from the city
I'd tease her and call her "Country"
She'd laugh and call me "Town"

We'd take rides and she loved to stop in fields
And talk to horses
And she taught me
All the different names of flowers I'd never noticed

The days were cool
Times were sweet then
The world was ours and nothing could go wrong
That was autumn '67, Town and Country got along

For no reason, in some restaurant 'neath the table
She would kick me
Try and call her, she was never in but running
Like a gypsy

Hurt her feelings
And you'd have to baby her to break the cold
End of springtime, Town and Country's love
Was nearly one year old

Then we quarreled and like a fool I went to seek love
From another
And she left me when she found out and went running
Back to mother

Because I hurt her
Until this day she won't forgive the wrong
And it's said here
Town and Country can no longer get along