"Oceans Away" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"Oceans Away"

I hung out with the old folks in the hope that I'd get wise
I was trying to bridge the gap between the great divide
Hung on every recollection in the theater of their eyes
Picking up on this and that, in the few that still survive

Call 'em up, dust 'em off, let 'em shine
The ones who hold onto the the ones they had to leave behind
Those that flew, those that fell, the ones that had to stay
Beneath a little wooden cross oceans away

They bend like trees in winter, these shuffling old gray lions
Those snow-white stars still gather like the belt around Orion
Just to touch the faded lightning of the powerful design
Of the generation gathering for maybe the last time


Oceans away where the green grass sways
And the cool wind blows across the shadow of their graves
Shoulder to shoulder, back in the day
Sleeping bones to rest in earth oceans away, oceans away