"Rebels Of Our Time" lyrics - EMERALD

"Rebels Of Our Time"

Following the system
Doin' as they please
Working from 9 to 5
This isn't our life
No Way!!

They want us to obey
We've got to play their game
They say, if we give way
All's gonna stay the same
Fuck You!!

The State is hunting you
Like a goddamn dog
You'll never turn back
Because you're an outlaw

Rebels of our time
They don't need noone to tell'em what to do
Rebels of our time
They won't choose the same way you do
Rebels of our time
They make clear what they want
Rebels of our time
We are rebels!!!

Fast cars, hot lovin' women
This is what we desire
We don't care about the others
We set the world on fire
Oh yeah!!

Never drive past a hitchhiker
Take her in your truck
Because we were born
To rock, drink and fuck
Liberty rules!!

[Repeat pre-Chorus and chorus]
Never listened to what your parents had told
Just go your way and always stay bold
Watch out!!

[Repeat pre-Chorus and chorus]