"Slut Phone Call (Skit)" lyrics - EMINEM

"Slut Phone Call (Skit)"

[Eminem & Brenda]
(Yo) Brenda (Brenda's not here)
Brenda's not there? (No) It sounds like you?
You know what? You didn't think I knew, did you?
(I, you know-) You told me you didn't do this shit
This Brenda, right? Don't play games with me, girl!
This Brenda, right? You said you didn't do it, bitch!
(Who are you, what you want?) What are you- I want Bren-
This ain't Brenda? (No, motherfucker, it ain't Brenda)
Yo, don't-don't-don't call me a motherfucker, bitch
I swear to God, I come up there and pop all you fucking sluts
I told you Brenda, don't be fuckin' round on me
You fuckin' bitch! I told you!
"Aw, I don't do it, I don't do it!"
You motherfucking slut, I'll kill you, bitch!
I break your motherfucking neck
(You getting mad at me, I'm not Brenda)
Yo, don't play games with me, girl!
Don't play ga- When you come home tonight
I swear to God, yo, all of your shit will be outside!
You hear me girl?! I ain't playing with you no more!
I bought you everythi- "I saw yoooou, walking in the way"
You know what I'm saying, girl?!
I don't play that shit! (Crack kills, you know)
I don't play that shit, crack?! (Crack kills)
I ain't in no crack, bitch, this Slim motherfucking Shady
You understand me?