"Venus Isle" lyrics - ERIC JOHNSON

"Venus Isle"

Long ago, from the wonderland
Was a girl named Eve
She came to Earth from the mermaid sea
That is when love began.

Speak of love inside you
With a mystic smile
Let us be beside you
Showed us how to be
But she's just here to stay with us awhile
There is much more to see

I'll be seeing you

Climb into the skyride for a better view
Let's make connection get on back in style
While we are here in the Venus Isle

Then Eve said, "I miss you"
Now it's time to go
And, "I love you"
This is not my home
A from her isle she said her goodbyes
And blasted off to the stars

So it starts with you
Let there be no secrets, all that we can do
Let's make a symphony of a thousand smiles
While we are here in these Venus Isles