"Over You" lyrics - FIREFALL

"Over You"

I know it's only wishful thinking
Turn my thoughts to you
The idle sort of dreaming
That dreamers seem to do

But still inside a piece of me
There is a piece of you
Just a fading memory
That echoes through
To let me know I'm still not over you

I feel the sweetest sort of sorrow
'Round your memory
The strangest sort of shadow
In the faces that I see

Maybe in a piece of you
There is a piece of me
Maybe you've been haunted too
By how it used to be
To let you know you're still not over me, over me

There's a piece of your laughter tangled up in my dreams
But the dream never captures all of you
I still remember the touch of you
So warm and tender
Loving you will live forever in me, yeah

Well, I know it's just imagination
Dream that can't come true
The strangest fascination
Seemed to keep the memory new

Maybe there's a piece of love
We never knew
I know I lost a piece of me
When I lost you
I guess I'm never really over you
Over you
Over you
Over you
Over you
Still not over you
Over you
Still not over you