"Tyler Got Him A Tesla (Skit)" lyrics - FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE

"Tyler Got Him A Tesla (Skit)"
feat. Brother Jervel

[Spoken: Tyler Hubbard]
What's up y'all, it's T-Hub, I can't make it to the phone right now, but leave me a voicemail and I'll get back to you soon

[Spoken: Brother Jervel]
Hey there feller, it's your brother Jervel again, I wanna call on you and talk to you a little bit, I, I peeked into the youth worship service this last week, you know and, and Jesse and Steven, I heard them over there talkin', you know, "Tyler got him a Tesla! Tyler got him a Tesla!" and I say "Hey hold on a minute. That boy still got a pickup truck in his garage, I seen it. You know, you can't say he ain't country, he ain't just gon' turn it off like that. Anyway, it just kinda botherin' me a little bit, you know, it had, had me upset a little bit, but anyway, talk to y'all later on