"Green Lantern Intro" lyrics - FORT MINOR

"Green Lantern Intro"

What up, Mike?
Um, we almost ready now my nigga
El Presidente, young Hov, Jay-Z
You know how the fuck we do it
Fort Minor, We Major
I mean, what else can I tell you people?
Let's do it

(And now for our feature presentation)
(Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble!)

History in the makin'
Most incredibly
Fort Minor, We Major
Ladies and gentlemen remember the name
Let me say it again
Fort Minor, We Major
You are not ready (yeah)
'Cause this ride is about to begin
Sit down and buckle it in
For those of you that want to know what we're all about
The real hip-hop (yeah)
How you doin' y'all?
My name's Mike Shinoda
Fort Minor, Green Lantern
Internationally known and respected
Machine Shop rockin' when we step inside
How you doin' y'all?
My name's Mike
Sick with a BIC pen all up in your shit man
Yeah you can comprehend it or compliment it, it's all authentic
Wrong nights I perform like Mike
I'm fooling with the new shit, I'm doing it all night
Wrong nights I perform like Mike
I can quit and get it back like I'm riding a bike
Wait up a sec, give me space to move
Room to prove I'm stupid with the P's and Q's (You see 'em)
It's the young Shinoda, I done paid my dues
Machine Shop is back, this is front page news
Fort Minor, We Major