"Corner Of My Eye" lyrics - FUTURE ISLANDS

"Corner Of My Eye"

I once had a friend
And we had a home
Till they asked me to turn back
Sometimes life is just like that
And there, in the city
Overlooking the sea
I found peace, but can't go back
Isn't it so sad?

How on the darkest nights
It all can leave you, in the blink of an eye
And on the palest moons
I still see you running into the white

Another quiet night
Back in my old city
The same old silent street
That doesn't know pity
For all that's trembling in me
And for my friend, I still grieve
The memory, forgetting
The pains, neverending
But I'm forgiving, at least
In loss, you're better off, move on
Can't take away what you gave me
'Cause in a real way you saved me

And on the darkest nights
I still see you in the corner of my eye
The corner of my eye
And on the palest moons
Oh, I still see you running into the white
Into the white

And I have to say, "Thank you"
Thank you
For being there for me for so long
So I'll just thank you
'Cause I can't take you or make you
I just have to move on
It's perfect, so it's done