GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Face To Face

"Face To Face"

There was a bad boy in the school yard
Waited on you every day
Seemed like every time you turned around
Well he was standing in your way

Well he broke your glasses
The girls all laughed
As he pushed to the floor
Until you stood up one day knowin'
You couldn't stand it anymore
And your gentle hand was finally clenched in rage

And you were face to face

Face to face with the devil that you've been dreadin'
Eye to eye finally has arrived
And bad as it was, well now brother wasn't it better
Dealing with him face to face

Yor date showed up with flowers
You thought your prayers had come
But with every passing hour
You watched it come undone

Then the night exploded and you begged him no
But he forever changed your life
And now he waits a judge and jury
Thinkin' you'll break down inside
And with a finger you can put his fists away

And your face to face


'Cause it'll never go away
Until the fear that you've are runnin' from is finally embraced

Drivin' by the graveyard
On a wicked winters eve
And your wonderin' why a man of faith
Is whistlin' nervously

Then you stop the car
And you hold your heart
'Cause you finally realise
Hell, the devil ain't in the darkness
He's a'rattlin' 'round inside
And with folded hands you truely start to pray

'Cause your face to face


'Cause it'll never go away
Until the fear that you've been runnin' from is finally embraced
Face to face